Want to save money on utility bills and conserve energy this winter?  The Breezin HVAC, Inc. team came up with a list of the most common ways households lose heat (and money!) during the winter.

Insulate your attic! Attic Insulation is a layer between the ceiling inside of the home (conditioned space) and the attic (non-conditioned space) creating a barrier so heat cannot escape. Having an attic that is poorly insulated (or not insulated at all) is like walking around in the cold without a coat or sleeping without a blanket!

Clear the areas around vents and radiators. By keeping vents and radiators clear of furniture and curtains you allow for the heat to move freely and circulate throughout the home.

Lower the thermostat when sleeping or away from home. By simply adjusting the temperature your system operates more efficiently and helps to maintain or lower utility costs. Keep your thermostat set to 62 degrees when you’re sleeping or away from home and 68 degrees when you’re awake and home. Leaving your thermostat running at a lower temperature rather than completely shutting it off will help to keeps pipes from freezing.

Shut off Kitchen and Bathroom fans as soon as you’re finished using it because even the smallest bath fan can exhaust 75 cubic feet of air per minute. By allowing the fans to continue to run after use, you can remove all the heat from the house by the exhaust fan basically sucking it all up!

Seal off leaky windows and doors to avoid heat seeping through cracks, don’t let your money fly out of them.



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