The dryer vent…who even thinks about it? I certainly didn’t until I learned what a hazard it could be if its unmaintained.  Did you know that failure to clean

[the dryer] was the leading factor contributing to the ignition of clothes dryer fires in residential buildings[1]? Besides regularly cleaning out lint traps, there are a few more important precautions you should take in order to prevent a fire from starting in your dryer.

Having your vents professionally cleaned out is an important preventative maintenance service that many seem to overlook. Lint not only piles up in the lint trap but it also gets caught in your vents and ducts; having vents stuffed up with debris and lint is a threat to safety, cleaning them out is an easy solution to the potential problem. Unclogging vents can almost completely eliminate the chance of a fire starting in your dryer.

But, how do you know if you need to have your vent checked out and or cleaned? Well, there are some simple tell tale signs:

  • Clothes feel hotter than usual at the end of the cycle.[2]
  • Dryer is taking forever to dry your clothes.

If you haven’t ever had your vents cleaned or you can’t remember the last time you did, then this message is for you!  To prevent chance of dryer fire, schedule a vent/duct cleaning to ensure you and your family’s safety – you can also save time and money on your energy bill.