Purchasing any appliance for your home, whether it is a washing machine, refrigerator, or air conditioning system, is a major investment that should be protected. When families stop using air conditioning unit in autumn, they want the confidence of knowing that it will be ready to keep the house cool come next summer.

Breezin HVAC, an air conditioning repair company that operates in NYC and New Jersey, offers residential and commercial customers an innovative contract program for preventive maintenance! The specialized air conditioning service agreement helps customers to protect their investment and reduce future repair and operating costs.

The program works by providing customers under the contract one preventive maintenance check during the spring season to ensure that all equipment is running properly.

This maintenance check addresses the air conditioning system’s most essential parts, and includes:

  • Checking and changing filters
  • Checking and adjusting all belts and drives
  • Checking and lubricating all motor and fan bearings
  • Checking and calibrating automatic controls and thermostats

For a full list of the preventive maintenance check performed by Breezin HVAC, visit thewebsite. Customers can also request a sample contract so they can see the full benefits of Breezin HVAC’s air conditioning service agreement – simply call (718) 761-2700 (NY) / (732) 974-1111 (NJ) and learn about how you can save time and money in repair costs with preventive air conditioning maintenance!



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