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Preventive maintenance contracts for air conditioning services

We offer specialized preventive maintenance contracts for all heating and air conditioning services, both residential and commercial throughout Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and New Jersey.

Preventive maintenance contracts are essential to protecting your HVAC investment. Our contracts are designed to benefit the customer by ensuring their equipment is running efficiently, effectively, and safely. In addition to this, our contracts also reduce operating costs making it more affordable and less of a hassle to maintain systems.

Similarly, we understand that regular maintenance and even minor repairs can become costly and requesting maintenance service may slip your mind. Rest assured that your equipment will be in good hands with us as we stand behind the quality of our work and the agreements of our contracts. Don't worry yourself with remembering to have your systems checked; we'll arrange service calls for preventive maintenance check ups and make sure your equipment is running properly.

If you would like to receive a sample contract we would be happy to provide that to you, as we want you to feel comfortable with all services we offer. If you wish to receive further detailed information about our preventive maintenance contracts please email or call us at any time and we'll happily assist you.

One (1) preventive maintenance contracts during the Spring which includes:

    • Checking and changing regular size filters (specialized filters at an additional cost)
    • Checking condition of indoor blower section
    • Checking all belts and drives and making necessary adjustments
    • Checking all motor and fan bearings and lubricating as needed
    • Checking amperage of blower motor and condenser motor and making necessary adjustments
    • Checking thermostat
    • Change thermostat batteries as needed during routine maintenance
    • Checking contactors and relays for proper operation (changing at prevailing rate)
    • Checking ductwork in mechanical area for any defects
    • Checking condition of copper connections for leaks
    • Checking and closing humidifier for summer, where applicable
    • Checking all equipment electrically and mechanically
    • Tightening electrical connections if they appear loose
    • Checking and calibrating automatic controls and thermostats
    • Checking refrigerant operating pressures, trim charge at prevailing rate
    • Checking air-cooled condenser coil (cleaning during Spring start-up if needed)
    • Checking, cleaning and flushing condensate drain lines and pans
    • Checking condensate pumps and float assemblies
    • Cleaning evaporator fan motor
    • Cleaning evaporator fan blade/blower wheel
    • Checking evaporator coil for dirt or damage (cleaning if necessary at prevailing rate during Spring start-up)
    • Checking refrigerant lines for any visual damage
    • Checking Armoflex and if needed repair at prevailing rate
    • Making sure there are caps on all service ports and that they are tight
    • Checking capacitor for corrosion or leakage (changing at prevailing rate)
    • Providing a list of work performed during the preventive maintenance check

    Breezin HVAC attest that the above services shall be provided during scheduled preventive maintenance.

    For further information, please call Breezin HVAC and one of our employees will be happy to go over our maintenance contracts with you.

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