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Grouping with High End 90 Coleman Echelon, Luxaire Acclimate, York Affinity Furnaces with T-Stat and Most Efficient 2012 Energy Star

Grouping with High End 90 Coleman Echelon, Luxaire Acclimate, York Affinity Furnaces with T-Stat and Most Efficient 2012 Energy Star

We carry a full line of York, Carrier, Luxaire, Trane, Rheem and Mitsubishi equipment for your emergency replacement needs. In addition, we provide extended warranty plans on selected equipment to protect your heating system for up to 10 years.

Breezin HVAC, Inc. installs all makes and models of heating equipment. We are continuously training to keep abreast of the newest equipment available. At Breezin we are pleased to offer our customers  high efficiency equipment that will lower your utility bills and keep you comfortable for years to come.

Breezin HVAC, Inc. offers sales, installation, and repairs on just about any type of heating system throughout Staten Island, New Jersey, Brooklyn, and Manhattan including:


A household furnace is a major appliance and a basic necessity for everyone. A furnace is permanently installed to provide heat to an interior space through intermediary fluid movement, which may be air, steam, or hot water. A typical life span of a furnace is about 20 years, but some modern age units can last 25 – 30 years.

Regardless of the make or model of your furnace, there are a few basic steps you can take to keep your heating system in peak condition:

  • Routinely maintain and clean the aforementioned three main components of your furnace or heating system: the filter system: the blower and also the motor; and
  • Replace or thoroughly clean the furnace filter at the beginning of the heating season and then again once a month throughout periods of continuous use.

Forced Air Systems

Works by heating air in a furnace and then forcing air out into various areas of the home through installed ductwork and registers.


  • can be filtered, humidified, or dehumidified
  • can use a variety of sources including electric, natural gas, propane and oil
  • It can be used as both, heating and cooling.


  • operation clearly audible throughout the house
  • air requires filtration and regular maintenance.

Hydro Heat

Uses a natural hot heater equipped with a finned tube heat exchanger to provide space heating, as well as hot water.


  • very efficient
  • similar heating to a forced air system.


  • separate system required for air conditioning.

Steam Radiant Heating

Heats water in a boiler through electric, oil, or natural gas, and dispenses using radiators throughout the home.


  • warms a room very quickly.


  • can limit furniture placement options in a room.
  • separate system required for air conditioning.

Hot Water Baseboard System

Boiler heated water travels through pipes to baseboard units in the home.


  • temperature can be controlled separately in each room.
  • typically very quiet and energy efficient.
  • can be fueled by electricity, oil, or natural gas.


  • may require a separate cooling system.

Electric Heat Pumps

During the summer, extracts heat from inside the home and transfers it to the outdoor air. In the winter, takes heat from outside and moves it inside.


  • used for both heating and cooling.
  • do not burn fuel, meaning they’re safer and cleaner to run than a gas powered furnace.
  • doesn’t dry out the air.
  • provides uniform temperature.


  • doesn’t provide a sudden burst of hot air like traditional furnaces.


A closed unit in which water or other fluid is heated. The heated or vaporized fluid exits the boiler for use in various processes of heating the house or building.

Boilers can be made of cast-iron, steel, or copper heat exchangers. Boilers can use different burners and venting systems. The wall-mount condensing boiler is the design of choice for most residential applications. Homeowners, builders, and heating contractors prefer this because it has flexible venting options and is compact in design.

Rooftop Heating/Cooling Units

heat and cool more than half of America’s small commercial buildings from schools and retail stores to hospitals, restaurants and office buildings. The unit consists of heat exchangers for heating and an air conditioning system for cooling. They are installed on rooftops most notably because of the large amount of space on the roof; in addition, it is well out of the way and doesn’t cause any unattractive obstructions to the building. Also available for heating only or cooling only as well as heat pump models. These units have many different installation design capabilities including our favorite, the economizer, which allows free cooling while bringing in fresh air.

Furnace specifically designed for Mobile Homes

Mobile Home (manufactured home) Furnaces are considerably different from home furnaces. Many manufacturers who make standard home furnaces also make furnaces suited for mobile homes.

When shopping for mobile home furnaces you must remember that standard home furnaces use different rating systems that are not relevant to a manufactured (mobile) dwelling. Mobile home furnaces need to be ducted, vented, and installed differently than furnaces for standard homes. The ducting system in a mobile home is much smaller than in a standard home. Mobile home heating systems, like the homes, are also different.

It is essential to obtain a furnace which is of the right size for the mobile home. This will depend greatly on the climate in the area of the home. Also a unit which might be suitable in a warmer climate could be undersized in colder areas. A unit which is too small in your climate zone must work too hard to heat the home. The result is also inefficient and wasted money. It is necessary to obtain a system which is suited to your particular size of home in your particular climate. When in the replacement market, you should seek expert advice from BREEZIN HVAC, INC. on this.

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