Although winter is a time generally free of outdoor allergens, this season has its own unique harmful breathing conditions to be on the alert for. Homes that rely on hot air furnaces to stay warm often have dry and stagnant air, which can irritate the nose and breathing passages. Dry air can also cause damage to walls, ceilings, and wood finishes within a home!

One of the best ways to fight dry winter air conditions is by installing a humidifier in the home. Breezin HVAC Inc.New Jersey’s top air conditioning and heating contractor, works with families to install custom controlled humidifier systems to alleviate these dry air issues.

Dry air is avoided by keeping your home’s humidity level between 35 – 45%, which is what a humidifier is designed to regulate. Along with helping to protect the home against dry air damage, humidifiers significantly improve air quality, a major concern for those with young children who may often catch the flu or a cold during the winter months. Clean and comfortable air can do wonders for a family’s health and wellness.

Although people commonly think it is expensive to run a humidifier, it is really quite cost effective when the system is installed by the professionals. Breezin HVAC Inc. offers Aprilaire and Skuttle humidification systems, which are the best in class for affordable yet effective air quality control.

To learn more about how a humidifier system will improve the comfort of your home and protect against dry air damage to your walls and ceiling, visit Breezin HVAC Inc. online or call the HVAC contractors in New Jersey at (732) 974-1111 for a free estimate today!


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