You’ve probably heard it by now that a well-maintained furnace not only helps save on utility costs but is also less likely to break down mid season! Keeping a furnace clean is vital to its overall health and can be done in a few steps but one of the most overlooked, is to simply replace or clean the air filter. Changing the filters regularly is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to maintain a furnaces optimal efficiency aside from having routine heating tune-ups and cleanings.

Dirty filters can actually cause more damage than you’d ever think, wondering how? Well, it’s simple, having a filter clogged with dirt and dust will result in a larger accumulation of dust around the home and have a negative effect on the Indoor Air Quality of your home. In addition to bad air quality, a dirty old filter reduces airflow and forces your furnace to work harder allowing it to become “over worked” and over heat the heat exchanger. This can ultimately result in higher energy consumption, higher utility bills, and a shorter lifespan.

Although there isn’t a specific amount of time you should wait to change a filter there are some ways to check if its time for a new one:

  • Take a visual – if it looks dirty and clogged,  its time for a new one!
  • Check on and around air vents for dust accumulation.
  • Dusty smells lingering around your home.
  • Dust accumulation on furniture.

By taking advantage of a Breezin HVAC, Inc. maintenance agreement or an annual furnace tune-up we’ll ensure that your system continues to run at optimum efficiency and change the filters for you! We’ll schedule a Breezin technician to properly clean all major components of the furnace as well as change out filters (we also offer reusable filters too!).

Next time you hesitate to change your air filters imagine drinking bottled water that was run through a dirty old filter….we’d say that’s pretty pointless! Call the Breezin HVAC, Inc. professionals today to have your furnace’s filters changed.


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