Staten Island

Staten Island, a New York City borough, shares a border to Richmond County. It is located in New York State. New Jersey separates it via the Arthur Kill, Kill Van Kull, and the rest of New York City via New York Bay. Staten Island, with a population of 495 747, according to the 2020 Census, is the least populous borough. However, it has the third-largest land area at 58.5 sq mi (152 km2).

The Lenape people call the island home. Dutch colonists colonized it during the 17th century. It was one of the 12 original New York counties. Staten Island was merged into New York City in 1898. It was originally called the Borough of Richmond until 1975 when it became Borough Borough of Staten Island. it is sometimes known as “the forgotten borough” by residents who feel neglected or excluded by the city government.


Staten Island lies south of Manhattan in New York Harbor and is between New Jersey (New Jersey) and Brooklyn. It is composed of several smaller islands and is known as Richmond County. It is approximately triangular and has 35 miles (56 km) of shoreline. It covers almost 60 square miles (155km). It connects to Manhattan by the Staten Island Ferry, which transports cars and passengers; to New Jersey via several bridges; and Brooklyn by the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. It was significantly developed after 1964’s opening.

In 1630, the Dutch tried to colonize Europe. Unami Indians of the Delaware tribe occupied the land at that time. Indian attacks drove out permanent settlers until 1661, when the Dutch West India Company granted land to French Waldenses, Huguenots, and Oude Dorp (“Old Town”). The Dutch Republic called the island the Staten-Generaal (“States General”) in its original name. It is just south of The Narrows, which is the channel that divides Brooklyn from the island. English and Welsh farmers built farms and homes after the 1664 acquisition by Great Britain of New Netherland.

The Conference House (or Billopp) in Tottenville was the location where talks took place on September 11, 1776, between representatives of the Continental Congress and the British. This failed attempt to reconcile the two sides during the American Revolution was unsuccessful. In 1898, Staten Island was added to the list of New York City’s boroughs and Richmond. The borough was renamed Staten Island in 1975.

Staten Island is predominantly residential, but there are also some manufacturing jobs. Important work includes trade and services. Wagner College is located here. It was founded in Rochester in 1883 and moved to this area in 1918. Nearby is the Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences and Jacques Marchais Centre of Tibetan Art. Richmondtown, Staten Island Botanical Garden, and Staten Island Zoo are all worth visiting. Another place worth visiting is the High Rock Park Nature Conservation Center. Fresh Kills is New York’s largest trash disposal facility. It is located on Staten Island. The Green Belt is also located here, the city’s largest park.

Top Places to Visit

Staten Island Ferry: Staten Island residents rely on the ferry to commute to work every day. However, visitors can also take advantage of the free ferry ride to view the sights of New York’s harbor or the famous skyline. The orange-colored, three-tiered vessel may be seen in New York City’s iconic Statue of Liberty photos. You can also see Lady Liberty and Ellis Island to your east. For the best views, make sure to climb up to the top deck.

Snug Harbor Cultural Centre & Botanical Gardens: Former retirement homes for sailors, spread over an 83-acre campus, are now part of a regional cultural center featuring a variety of highlights, including the 19th century Greek Revival buildings at Temple Row, Staten Island Children’s Museum, and Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art. The Botanical Garden is also included.

You will also find a chapel on the grounds and one of the most historic concert halls in the nation. Spend an entire day exploring the cultural institutions and walking around the gardens with your family. Many tours can be taken to see the haunted houses of Snug Harbor. These include the Matron’s House and the Butcher’s Cottage.

Chinese Scholar’s Garden: The Chinese Scholar’s Garden is a popular attraction in Snug Harbor. This garden, a true hidden gem of New York City, allows you to find your Zen on a relaxing walk through the many peaceful gardens, zigzagging paths, and koi-filled pools.

The garden was inspired by the Ming Dynasty garden designs of the 15th century. With their amazing roofs, tiles, and columns, original structures were built in China and finished on Staten Island. It is one of only two authentic Chinese gardens in China.

The upper pavilion is located in the courtyard’s central courtyard. It features a mosaic made of broken rice bowls, beer bottles, and other pieces from both China and America.

Staten Island Museum: The Staten Island Museum, located in the former dormitory of retired seamen on the Snug Harbour Cultural Center grounds, is the city’s only general interest museum. The museum was founded in 1881 and focused on the arts, natural science, and history of the region for children of all ages.

There are general exhibits at the museum, including “Cabinet of Curiosities” and “Remember the Mastodon.” This latter exhibit focuses on elephant relatives that lived millions of years ago and includes displays about the animals. The island’s first inhabitants, the Lenape tribe, can also be viewed.

National Lighthouse Museum: The National Lighthouse Museum is located within walking distance from the ferry terminal. This museum preserves the history of beacon keepers and the use of lighthouses throughout the country. It houses a collection of more than 180 lighthouse models and exhibits.

The 2,400-square-foot museum overlooks one of the busiest ports in the world. It features exhibits such as “Life at the Light: Lighthouse Keepers,” “Supplying the National’s Light Stations: The General Depot,” and “Beacons Through Time.” Visitors can rent a boat to take them on a harbor tour and visit nearby lighthouses.

There’s something for everyone on Staten Island, from its natural parks and beaches to its array of cultural attractions. In case you’re looking for an interesting day trip or a weekend getaway, be sure to add Staten Island to your list.

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