Air Conditioning new york

Spring is almost here – good news right? But that also means that summer is right around the corner and its time to start preparing for it! What have you been doing to get ready for the warm weather? Let us guess…dieting and exercising? While these things rank pretty high on our priority list too, we can’t neglect our cooling systems…after all it’s about to be their time to shine! We might want to look hot but what we really want is to feel cool and if you think your system can’t handle the lofty task of cooling you & your home for yet another season, consider taking action on early bird rates and replace your air conditioning system sooner rather than later. You’ll also be quite surprised how much money a new system will save you on utility bills.

However, chances are if your system is able to do the job it was born to do…. All it needs is a little love. We suggest that New Yorkers and New Jersey residents should have a spring start up for their cooling systems. Our 25-point check up will test, clean, and tune up you’re a/c including:

  • Check and change regular size filters (specialized extra)
  • Check condition of indoor blower section
  • Check all belts and drives, make necessary adjustments
  • Check all motor & fan bearings and make necessary adjustments
  • Check amperage of blower motor & condenser motor
  • Check thermostat
  • Check thermostat batteries (change as needed)
  • Check contactors & relays (change at prevailing rate)
  • Check ductwork in mechanical area for any defects
  • Check condition of copper connections for leaks
  • Check & close humidifier for summer when applicable
  • Check all equipment electrically and mechanically
  • Tighten electrical connections if they appear loose
  • Check & calibrate automatic controls and thermostats
  • Check refrigerant operating pressures, trim charge at prevailing rate
  • Check air-cooled condenser coil
  • Check, clean and flush condensate drain lines and pans
  • Check condensate pumps and float assemblies
  • Clean evaporator fan motor
  • Clean evaporator fan blade/blower wheel
  • Check evaporator coil for dirt or damage (clean at prevailing rate)
  • Check refrigerant lines for any visual damage
  • Check armoflex, repair at prevailing rate
  • Check compressor valves
  • Check compressor electronically and mechanically
  • Make sure there are caps on all service ports & they are tight
  • Check capacitor for corrosion or leakage.

Call us today to set up an appointment for your beloved central air system, or call us if you want to add one to your list of prized, household possessions. Breezin HVAC will tune-up anyone’s central air system in New Jersey and New York for only $79.00+ tax. Does not include freon.